We are developing easy-to-use and portable sensor solutions, to accompany smartphones. Smartphones are unable to acquire accurate information about the environmental surrounding. Our solutions enables smartphones to sense these environmental properties, in ways the user do not need to think about.

Our sensor solutions are using a series of technologies to extend the features of smartphones, considering environmental sensing. Our main focus, however, lays on the use of NFC (the same technology is used for secure payment solutions), NB-IoT (IoT optimized mobile network) and 5G-IoT (the upcoming next generation IoT mobile network).

SensorCard to smartphone interface


The SensorCard is a portable NFC based solution, giving you the ability to obtain information about your environment. We believe that if you are more aware of your surroundings, you are able to improve your comfort and health.

The SensorCard is designed to work without a battery, meaning you don't have to worry about power while you are travelling. Also, since the SensorCard has the size of a credit card, you can bring the SensorCard with you in the wallet.

At the moment the SensorCard is in prototype phase, and it is able to measure environmental properties like temperature, humidity, ambient light and UV index. However, we are also developing solutions for water quality, indoor air quality and sound intensity measurements, among others.

SensorCard features

About us

We are a strong collaboration of multidisciplinary research teams and located at the University of Oulu, Finland. We have a long research background in software and hardware engineering. In our research, we focus in particular on communication protocols used in smartphones and tablets. Recently, we enabled the possibility to utilise smartphones as measurement instruments in order to obtain vital information on ambient parameters. We focus on new sensors which are not available on smartphones in order to lower the potential risk of injuries and diseases.

Our research has discovered the enormous opportunity of external sensors for users of smartphones. In our previous research we have demonstrated that current sensors in smartphones are not sophisticated enough to provide users accurate information on the conditions of their surrounding environment. In addition, several sensors are missing which are crucial for users to obtain information on the current ambient parameters. Our solution transfers data from external sensor wirelessly to your Android smartphone and tablet in an easy way.

So we thought: "How can we bring our technology to you so that you can improve your health and wellbeing with the help of our technology?" Due to our experience in electronics and programming, it did not take long for us to design a prototype sensor card that can measure air quality, ambient light and the UV index. This is not a perfect solution yet, but we are continuously improving our sensor card to bring our technology into your hands. We are very passionate about our work and love our sensor technology.

Now that we have a working prototype, what comes next? Well, unfortunately a prototype is a prototype and not yet finished and ready for commercialization. Before bringing our technology to the market and handing it out to you, we want to make sure that our technology keeps up with your requirements. We want to make sure that you get only reliable and accurate sensor data with the help of our sensor card. We are looking forward to test our sensor card in real-life situations and plan to investigate the accuracy of our sensors over time. We aim to achieve the best user experience possible. Improving your health is our goal.

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